Rockhampton Cleaners

Domestic House Cleaning

Are you tired of cleaning around your house?  Well, let the professionals do it for you.  We have the trustworthy and reliable staff to keep your house clean all year round.

  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Cleaning windows.
  • Lights and fans
  • Air con filters
  • General dusting
  • Toilets and bathrooms
  • Indoor or outdoor

No matter your needs we can tailor a quote that is affordable and suits exactly what you don’t want to do.

Commercial Cleaning

Is your business too big to keep clean?  Are you too busy to keep your premises looking and smelling clean and fresh?  Lucky there is someone who can do it for you.  1st Choice Cleaners not only take care of it for you we do it at an affordable price.

  • Warehouses
  • Shopping centres
  • Schools
  • Sporting venues
  • Pubs and clubs

We clean everything so if you have had enough and would rather someone else get their hands dirty, call us for a free quote.

Office Cleaning

Do your clients walk into your office feeling like they are in a fresh and clean environment?  If not or if you want to be assured of this every time, call us and we can make it happen.  Over 60% of our clients are office related so we have the experience and attention to detail required to have your clients and staff feeling comfortable and fresh when they enter your doors.

  • Empty and remove rubbish
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Clean windows and glass
  • Clean toilets and staffrooms
  • Clean desks and tables

We have the capacity and the professionalism to keep your office clean and fresh.  We get the job done and deal with any concerns you may have.

Health Facilities

We specialise in looking after medical and health facilities.  We have multiple clients in this field and are aware of the standards and practices that are essential to safe operation.

  • Specialised theatre room cleans
  • General cleaning of reception and offices
  • Clean up of blood and other harmful spills
  • Maintaining a high standard throughout doctors rooms
  • Rubbish removal – non clinical waste
  • Smells fresh and clean, looks fresh and clean, Is fresh and clean!

When your clients come and sit down in your waiting room you want them to feel like they are in a place that is clean and hygienic.  We can make that happen for you so that your clients are long term clients.

Entry and Exit/Bond cleaning

Residential or commercial exit cleaning is a huge job and requires attention to detail.  Do you know what the agents require? Do you have the time to clean as well as organise moving?  Why not let the professionals do it for you.  We have highly trained staff that have done it before and can relieve you of one less stressful moment in your day.  If you are moving out of your house or unit, or moving your place of business give us a call and we can take care of it all for you.  We can organise everything so that you can focus on moving to your new address.

Outdoor cleaning

We don’t just clean inside houses and offices.  We do exterior as well.  Every now and then the outside of your building can look a little weary and run down.  There is nothing like a quick freshen up on the exterior so people notice you for the right reasons.

  • Wash down walls and windows
  • High pressure clean rooftops
  • High pressure clean pathways and driveways
  • High pressure clean sheds
  • Cobweb removal

There are endless jobs to do outside of your home or business.  Let us take care of the dirty jobs that no one enjoys doing.